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08/01/10 11:05 PM #1    


Mike Guthrie

Welcome to the Grants High School Class Of 1985 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

08/03/10 10:18 AM #2    


Alex Bingham

So does anyone have any Pictures from the Junior Year? Meaning 83-84. Also if anyone has a Yearbook maybe ya all can scan in the Class Pics from the 83-84 Year. Thanks

08/04/10 07:22 PM #3    


Donna Rich (Tocknell)

Hey Mike, I forgot I am a Gold member on so I posted it on there for those who don't have FB.



07/23/13 06:57 AM #4    


Alex Bingham

Yup I'am here

09/03/14 11:45 AM #5    


Mike Guthrie

Christy Klutey has offered us a space out in bluewater village for a bonfire and Kegger.

she is going to talk to the local authorities about it. But it's a good start. 

Only class of '85 would do a Kegger for their icebreaker!

09/04/14 08:31 AM #6    

Darren Salazar

A big fire, a keg, and Bluewater? Seems like 1985 again...Sounds good to me. Count my vote as "aye".

09/04/14 02:57 PM #7    

Volney Scanlan

Sounds like Leroy will have to break the Jeep out and be  my designated driver....


09/05/14 02:05 PM #8    

Tammy Gleadle

Sounds like old times. Leave it to 85' to keep the party going.

07/20/15 02:15 PM #9    

Gary Hanna

howdy all

07/20/15 10:43 PM #10    


Mike Guthrie

What's up Gary? Are you coming to the reunion?


07/21/15 02:24 PM #11    

Gary Hanna

i would love to come have to see what work schedule looks like in sept. sounds like fun

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